Paral-ITP Software

Our theorem provers

Isabelle2012 (May 2012)

Isabelle2013 (February 2013)

Isabelle2013-1 (November 2013)

Isabelle2013-2 (December 2013)

Isabelle2014 (August 2014)

Coq (version 8.4, August 2012)

Improvements of the PolyML Platform

PolyML Intermediate Release 5.5.3 alpha

(Developed in a sub-contracting with ProLingua Ltd)

Performance measurements

Isabelle2013 on 8 cores

Isabelle_17-Mar-2013 on 8/16 cores (hyperthreading):

  1. first run
  2. second run, with re-use of timing information